Air Separation Plant

We manufacture top-class air separation plants in technical collaboration with “Felice Mandressi Italia”, which is a reputed Italian company. We use advanced technology and designs of the Italian company in manufacturing our plants. Our plants are known to perform seamlessly, require low power and low upkeep expenses besides delivering high yield. We have exported our plants to clients in over 40 countries across the globe. All our clients are satisfied with the quality of our machines as well as our after sales service. A single plant can offer you oxygen as well as nitrogen both as a liquid and gas. The purity of oxygen and nitrogen generated in our plants is up to 99.7% and 99.9% respectively, which is considered good for both industrial as well as medical applications.

We place high premium on the quality of our machines. For ensuring quality of our units, each component used in the plant is run through stringent quality control processes. We have been awarded ISO 9001:2009 and CE certifications. As our plants are CE approved, we can export our machinery into the US and the European markets. All our plants are manufactured in compliance with international standards. Our manufacturing practices include taking care of aspects such as quality, safety, health and environmental protection.

Air Separation Plant
Basic principle

Our air separation plants tap atmospheric air, which enters the molecular sieve purification system where the process air is cleaned of impurities such as carbon dioxide and moisture. Air is liquefied by cryogenic cooling with the help of the latest plate and fin, high efficiency heat exchangers and expanders. Air gets separated into oxygen, nitrogen and various inert gases in the air separation column.

Salient features of plants :
  • Excellent absorption of gas in cylinders
  • No gas loss and high yield
  • Very simple and safe to operate
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Smooth operations
  • Sturdy design
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Life span over 25 years
  • Easy to install
  • Safe to operate
Air Separation Plant
Scope and Supply :
Air compressor
Filter system with steel structure and supports elements. De-dust system with valve, collecting machine, spray equipment, automatic clean, instrument and electric control system. Send the pressure difference signals to PLC by pressure differential transmitter.
Air purification unit
Air Refrigerant compressor with a special motor
  • One condenser
  • One evaporator/water cooler
  • One set of Piping and valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Water Separator
Molecular Sieve Battery on skid Complete with two vessels
Reactivation heater complete with Molecular Sieve designed for process skid mounting.
Defrost Heater comprising of heating coils and heating element 5 kW.
Gas/Air Lines as per standard Layout
All pipelines for process air, Nitrogen and Oxygen line, HP line upto manifold along with short bend, elbow, socket and other necessary fitting as per our standard layout drawing.
Air separation column (cold box)

The entire air separation process depends on the air separation unit (A.S.U). Here, oxygen and nitrogen are separated on account of the difference in their liquefaction temperatures. Liquefied air is directed to the lower and upper column using a double rectification process at temperatures below (–) 180 deg centigrade.

Design and efficiency of the A.S.U determines the quality of the final product i.e. oxygen and nitrogen in terms of quantity and quality. Felice Mandressi Italia designed A.S.U features a highly efficient fin type aluminum heat exchangers and column, where the entire upper column is a packed column thus reducing the operational pressure and increasing the Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon recovery.


The expander is a rotary machine running on gas bearing. This is used to provide cooling for the liquefaction of air at minus 180 to (-) 190degrees centigrade, including :

  1. Expansion turbine body
  2. Ventricular joint
  3. inlet filter
  4. Silencer
  5. Bearing & sealed gas system
    - Instrument gas filter
    - ET bearing and sealed gas system
Oxygen cylinder filling system
The oxygen is filled into cylinders by an oxygen filling system (pump/booster).
Cylinder filling station for filling oxygen gas
Complete with control valves pressure gauge safety valve & pigtail connections points each.
Purity testing analyser
Digital automatic purity analyzer is used.
Technical Specifications
BDM 50 50 m3/hr 200 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 80 80 m3/hr 320 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 100 100 m3/hr 400 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 130 130 m3/hr 500 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 150 150 m3/hr 600 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 170 170 m3/hr 680 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 200 200 m3/hr 800 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 250 250 m3/hr 1000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 300 300 m3/hr 1200 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 400 400 m3/hr 1600 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 500 500 m3/hr 2000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 1000 1000 m3/hr 4000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 1500 1500 m3/hr 6000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 2000 2000 m3/hr 8000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 3000 3000 m3/hr 12000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 4000 4000 m3/hr 16000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 5000 5000 m3/hr 20000 99.7% 99.99%